Forget about what you have heard from others; SOD is one cryptocurrency that will break the trend in 2022. This project will be worth billions of dollars in valuation, and we have a compelling reason to prove this.

Undoubtedly, several investors have been fleeced of their funds by con projects, while others are on a hunt for the best gem to invest in. Investors are stargazing and, on their toes, finding the right project as quickly as possible; a contributor to this hunt would be the explosion in the crypto space by some dog meme coins at this same time last year. Tens of investors became millionaires, while hundreds made thousands of dollars in their wallets.

These dog meme coins utilized hypes to reach their all-time-high (ATH); most of them started building utilities after their growth. Unfortunately, most new projects who try to use this method have crashed. The crypto space has gone past the level where you use hype to grow a coin. People want you to show them the use-case of the token. This is where SOD (Son of Doge) got it RIGHT.

What is SOD

SOD is a token inspired by dogecoin (a joker cryptocurrency that soared to an all-time-high of 58-billion-dollars Market cap in May 2021), hence its name Son of Doge. SOD is another dog meme coin that aims to give crypto investors another opportunity to become millionaires and gain financial independence by building utilities that solve real-world problems.

SOD launched on the 4th of January 2022 and has amassed over 10,000 members in its telegram army. There are presently 21,880 investors holding this token. The token is at stable support of a 3million dollar market cap, offering investors the best entering spot.

There is a solid team behind the project; the team members are doxxed and offer 24hours help to every investor. The developers are reliable, and are presently buildings ‘never seen before’ utilities. The team went for nothing but the best by recruiting extraordinary marketing gurus and strategists.

The Release of The Beast "Utilium"

SOD recently released a platform on the BSC network called Utilium; it will be a one-stop shop for all your crypto services. The platform will host a Launchpad, alongside its NFT marketplace, and many more services. SOD developers have assured the community that new features will be released monthly on the platform, so whenever you feel you have seen it all on the platform, the team will be at the corner to drop another brilliant shell.

Utilium Launchpad

Unlike any other Launchpad, clients get more than a pool for their investors to contribute; the platform offers marketing packages for these upcoming projects. The Launchpad will be SOD’s first use case; it is designed with the best UI (user interface) and model to ensure clients get maximum satisfaction.

It has become evident that many projects have been tricked by some rogue entities that call themselves Launchpads. These fraudulent launchpads charge projects a certain percentage of its token, and during launch dump on other investors, this has resulted in the untimely termination of potential projects. SOD has developed a system to stop this menace; the newly developed Launchpad will charge a flat fee in BNB or BUSD, giving projects total control and helping projects eliminate manipulations from external bodies.

Utilium is structured to become one of the most used platforms for upcoming projects on the BSC network. The team has promised its investors that every project would be rigorously vetted before being permitted to launch on its Launchpad; hence, you shouldn’t panic about scam projects.

Marketing Shop

Utilium also released a marketing service section. The store offers several marketing services needed to elevate projects to the next level. The services include marketing deals, advertisements, partnerships with influencers, professional content in the space, and more relevant marketing pushes. Nevertheless, there are different marketing plans; Basic, Medium, and Premium. The premium plan includes a custom package to choose specific instructions regarding your marketing construction.

Get Your Project Listed

Some projects find it difficult to get listed on CEX and sometimes pay some agents outrageous fees to get a listing. Utilium has included a listing feature to its platform; you can easily buy this plan at a considerable cost and get your project listed as soon as possible on a Centralized Exchange. CoinMarketCap and Coingecko listings are presently available on the platform. The team is working on partnerships with higher tiers exchanges such as Crypto.com, Kucoin, Gate.io, and many more soon.

Get Trending on Dextool

Exposure is the key ingredient needed to take your project to higher market capitalization. One of the easiest ways to get this exposure is through a listing and, most importantly, on Dextool Trending.

Thousands of investors are always alert, looking at the top banner on Dextool to see the latest trending coin. Projects trending on Dextool will likely attract investors to a coin. Fortunately, Utilium just made it easier to get in that spotlight. You can register your project for the Dextool Trending plan and get trending in no time. No more fake Dextool Trending agents; this is an insured platform to get it done.

Few More Things You Need to Know

Most projects only create utilities to add gains to their marketing wallets, but this project has drafted a system for investors who are diamond hands (long-term holders). Diamond investors will be given an automatic presale spot for every project launched on the platform. There are different tiers of holders with various benefits;

Tier 1 Holders:

  1. A tier 1 holder will receive an automatic presale spot for every project that launches on the Launchpad.
  2. A tier 1 investor can contribute 1 hour before the presale.
  3. A tier 1 investor can choose the auto button; this means the platform will automatically contribute during presale and claim tokens during the launch of the project selected by the investor.
  4. A tier 1 investor will get a quick reminder of upcoming Launchpad projects.

Tier 2 Holders:

  1. A tier 2 holder will receive an automatic presale spot for every project that launches on the Launchpad.
  2. A tier 2 investor can contribute 30 minutes before the presale.
  3. A tier 2 investor will get a quick reminder of upcoming Launchpad projects.

Tier 3 Holders:

  1. A tier 3 holder will receive an automatic presale spot for every project that launches on the Launchpad.
  2. A tier 3 investor can contribute during the presale.
  3. A tier 3 investor will get a quick reminder of upcoming Launchpad projects.

Don’t forget the team also promised to release new features every month on the platform, so brace up for more outstanding features coming soon. Considering the work put in by the team, one can say they deserve some accolades. They seem to be building a first-class project which, in the nearest future, will stand above other successful meme coins we know in crypto.

Community Benefit

A rare trait you find on the BSC network is the ability of a project to stay transparent with its investors. However, SOD has been crystal clear with its investors; they have always fulfilled every promise made. Firstly, a staking platform was introduced to the community by the team, and investors earned passively for holding the base token. The community is always kept active and excited through trivia competitions, and winners are rewarded immensely. SOD keeps its community informed with the latest updates through questions and answers sessions called AMA (ask me anything).

SOD Partnerships

Another historic step made by SOD was its recent partnership with Ruyi. Ruyi is an innovative exchange launched in February. Like SOD, Ruyi has also built some ‘never seen’ features in their exchange, and they are already working on their blockchain; could this become bigger than Binance? Guess that’s a story for another time.

Ruyi will be live for the Dubai 2022 Crypto Expo, where potential investors with big bags will be present. Ruyi has agreed to pitch SOD alongside its Ruyi wallet to investors. So, if you are in the Dubai expo and you see a team wearing the SOD T-shirt, that will be the Ruyi team.

Another significant partnership made by SOD is its recent collaboration with SEEK. SEEK is a crypto hunter platform seeking to rid the crypto space of fraud and corruption. The platform has developed a unique technique and technology to vet projects that intend to launch in the crypto space. SOD is happy to implement SEEK technology to its Utilium platform, ensuring that every project that wants to use the Utilium launchpad must be genuine.


The SOD team recently held a session with its community and revealed that NFT was delayed because SOD wanted to create something splendid. It could have cost less to hire a cheap artist and quickly release the NFT market, but they chose to do it in a grand style.

The team has contacted a top NFTs company to create NFTs for the platform. It will be fair to give you guys a sneaky peek, but there is presently an NDA (non-disclosure-agreement); however, we can say something magnificent is on the way. Massive exposure will be generated, more investors will be attracted to this platform, and the SOD base token will undoubtedly see an upward trend.

SOD is Going to A Tier One Exchange

Now for the latest! Keep the smile on because SOD is heading to a tier 1 exchange. You can say they saved the best for last; the token will be listed on one of these; Crypto.com or Kucoin. Isn’t it exciting? This listing will bring overwhelming exposure and attract giant whales to the platform. This listing is a necessary push needed to the billion-dollar market cap.

Although it’s no promise, the team has admitted that there is a chance, or better say, the top priority goal for the year 2022 is to get listed on Binance. This Binance listing is not a hoax; they are seriously working hard to achieve this before year-end.

A Quick Story

A quick story from a SOD team member “In 2004, Sean Parker, the founder of Napster had a meeting with Zuckerberg during the startup phase of Facebook; he said to Mark, you don’t even know what it is yet; or how big it can get; or how far it can go. This is no time to take your chips down; a million dollars isn’t cool; you know what is cool? A billion dollars.”

Today, the team of SOD is saying the same thing to you, 100 million dollars isn’t cool; A billion-dollar isn’t cool either. We anticipate a worth of not less than 10 billion dollars

Should You Invest?

This token has achieved so much within its short existence. Investors have been rewarded with its staking farm, NFT marketplace is on its way, Metaverse will be unveiled in the future, alongside its P2E (play to earn) game, and more applications will be released.

A token that releases a utility every month is a long-term project, and a billion-dollar market cap is imminent. SOD is more than hype. It’s a token worth your investment.